Reborn Baby Dolls By Angel Art


                               Baby's Hair

 As the art of reborning vinyl dolls has progressed over the years, so the skills involved in creating realistic downy baby hair developed. The central skill of "Micro-rooting", involves inserting individual hairs into the baby's head using a very fine feting needle. The finer the needle used, the more realisitic effect is achieved. Fine needles only pick up one hair at a time, and do not leave visable holes in the vinyl. A skilled reborner will take the time to ensure that the hair gives the appearance of growing out of the scalp, as with a real newborn. this process can take many, many hours of work to achieve. A quality reborn doll will not have thick "plugs" of hair, like a "Barbie" doll!!

Reborn artists generally use good quality Angora mohair, which is produced by Angora Goats. The quality of the mohair produced varies greatly, and only good quality premium mohair produces as natural effect.

A reborn baby's hair can also be created via hand painting. This means that visually the baby's hair will always remain the same. The hand painting technique also requires many hours of hard work! Hand painted hair does mean that the hair lacks the "touch" dimension, that is achieved via micro-rooting, but it does make your baby easier to care for, and ultimately more suitable for children.

In this section, I have provided close up photographs of my baby's hair. Some are soley micro-rooted, some are hand painted, and some are a combination of rooted & painted!

The combination of rooted/painted, is my personal favourite,  as I feel it provides a suberbly realisitc visual effect, but retains the realistic feel of a newborns head, that gorgeous soft, "fuzzy" feel, that I adored when my six children were babies!





Should you choose to order a custom baby from me, we would closly liaise on how your baby's hair would look, feel and touch! You will see from the following photographs that I am a skilled and experienced artist in all aspects of creating the ultimate baby hair!

Examples Of Rooted Babies







Examples of Combination of Rooted & Painted Babies

Examples of Painted Only Baby Hair